Weekend Warrior

If you can't find us in the brewery, there is a good chance you'll find us out in the bush or hanging from a rope on a cliff.  We, like many others, are weekend adventurers - weekend warriors - and for every great adventure, you need a great beer to match.  So, for those that like to hit the weekend running, we created the Weekend Warrior Pale Ale.   Lightly coloured, crisp and refreshing, this American-style pale ale offers just a bit more with 5.5% ABV and packing a bit of a punch with a strong bitter finish.  We kept it simple, choosing to use just a single hop variety - Warrior - for bittering, flavour, and aroma.  Trust us, this is the perfect beer for jump-starting your Friday night or for those weekend adventures where esky space is at a premium and you need every beer to count.

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 38

EBC: 7


Pale, Wheat, Vienna