Blue Billy Amber Ale

Back in 2010, in a backyard on Henry Street, Phil and Zack brewed their first collaborative beer on a rudimentary homebrew system involving a red bucket, a stainless steel pot, an esky and a gas burner named Rambo.  The beer they brewed that fateful rainy afternoon was a quaff-worthy amber ale that after one sip (and then several pints) gave birth to the dream of opening a brewery. Over the next few years, that infantile backyard setup evolved into our sophisticated 100L brewing machine "Blue Billy the Rainmaker", but the recipe for that original ale remained virtually unchanged.  The Blue Billy Ale is brewed with seven different malts, and three different hops to create an ale with an honest malt-driven drinkability.  It walks the line between Amber and Pale, and for a time it was called the "Amble Ale" before it rightfully took on the name of the brewhouse from whence it came.  It's our go-to beer as it suits any occasion and any season - perfect for Melbourne. Now you have the chance to taste a bit of history and drink the beer that started it all.

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.0%

IBUs: 33

EBC: 35


Ale, Amber, Dark Munich, Light Munich, Crystal, Wheat, Chocolate


Superpride, Cascade, Northern Brewer