La Divissi Dark IPA

A  continually-hopped IPA that uses seven different malts including just enough roasted barley to make it black as night and give it touch of astringency. With about a dozen hop additions during the boil there is a lot of well-rounded hoppiness to this drop and then it is generously dry hopped with Cascade hops lending it a pleasing piney aroma. Surprisingly smooth and sessionable, this is the perfect beer for a cold wintery night curled up next to a fire. The inspiration for the beer came from a friend - an aspiring actress - who wanted us to brew a beer named after her.  So we did. In doing so we tried to brew a beer that would reflect her ambitions, her beauty, her struggles, and her creative expression. Not sure if we succeeded or not, but the beer came out pretty bloody good!

Style: Black IPA

ABV: 6.0%

IBUs: 61

EBC: 53


Ale, Dark Munich, Amber, Crystal, Wheat, Dark Crystal, Roasted Barley


Columbus, Northern Brewer, Cascade