Born from humble beginnings in a backyard on Henry Street.

We are a tiny artisan microbrewery in Kensington that prides itself in handcrafting exquisite beers and ales using the finest ingredients, a lot of passion, and even more hard work. 

All our beers are brewed personally by us on “Blue Billy the Rainmaker”.  Blue Billy is a sophisticated 100L three vessel, single tier pilot system that we engineered and built from scratch, piece-by-piece over several years in Phil's backyard.  We take the quality of our beers very seriously and pride ourselves in being one of the very few independent bricks-and-mortar craft breweries in inner-city Melbourne.

Henry Street Brewhouse was set up in 2015.  For years prior to this, Phil could be found brewing away in his backyard on Henry Street, rain or shine - or hail – with the family dog running laps around them and babies crying in the background.  The operation got a bit out-of-control when it out-grew Phil’s garage.  When we started ordering grain by the half-tonne we knew we had a problem and decided it was time to start a professional brewery.

Our brewery, like our beer has been handcrafted by us; from Blue Billy the Rainmaker, to the cool room, the entire bar and even the tasting paddles.  Every step of the way we’ve endeavoured to take our passion and transform it into a world-class brewing facility – or at the very least, a not-half-bad place to have a good beer and a bit of banter.  So if you are ever in the neighbourhood be sure to pop in and say Hi and try some of the beers that are brewed next door...