Keg Hire

Keg hire

Keg hire available from Henry St Brewhouse! 

Hire a keg of Henry St beer in a few easy steps:

1. Work out which beer(s) you want… this is the hard part!
2. Decide what size and how many kegs you need, we offer 9.5L, 19L and 50L (refer below)
3. Figure out which dispensing system you need (refer below), or ask us for advice.
4. Send us an email with the details at

*Best option is to email or go via the website form. 

Note keg hire is subject to availability. Not all beer styles are always available. 

We hire our kegs from our brewery in Kensington, and offer Keg hire around Melbourne (inner suburbs). We can deliver for a fee or you can pick them up from the brewery.

Keg sizes

9.5L = Around 30 pots, or approx 1.2 slabs of beer

Keg dimensions: 215mm Diameter x 370mm High. Keg info: Industry standard "Ball lock" connections

9.5L kegs for hire


19L = Around 60 pots, or approx 2.4 slabs of beer

Keg dimensions: 215mm Diameter x 630mm High. Keg info: Industry standard "Ball lock" connections

 19L kegs for hire


50L = Around 170 pots, or approx 6.3 slabs of beer

Keg dimensions: 380mm Diameter x 600mm High (DIN size). Keg info: Industry standard "D-Type" keg coupler

50L kegs for hire


Keg Comparison - 9.5L, 19L, 50L (Left to Right)

Keg comparison


Keg dispensing system (Tap system) options

We have a number of keg dispensing systems available, which suit different purposes and budgets. Details below. Perfect for Keg Hire around Melbourne! 


1. Basic tap and hand pump - from $20

Requires occasional pumping by hand to increase pressure and dispense the beer.


2. Tap and mini-gas regulator plus CO2 gas canisters (9.5 and 19L kegs only) - from $30

The highly mobile miniture regulator uses mini CO2 bulbs (similar to those used for quickly inflating bike tyres). This portable system is compact and easy to take anywhere! As the CO2 bulbs are small this system only works with the 9.5L and 19L kegs we hire.


3. Basic tap with CO2 gas bottle and regulator - from $40

The CO2 gas bottle makes dispensing beer easy! Simply set it up, set your pressure then drink the beer. Easy. This system works well with all types of kegs.


4. 'Jockey Box' tap system - single or double tap, with CO2 gas bottle and regulator - from $40

Perfect if you are using big or small kegs and you want more of a bar type setup. Setup the jockey box on a table or bench with the kegs below, hook up the gas bottle and pour your beers like your own bar! You put ice into the jockey box, which has stainless steel coils inside that the beer passes through, cooling it down in the process. A drip tray is also included. We even have a trestle table with a black cover to make it a full, semi-classy mobile bar (additional $10 hire cost). Double Tap model shown below.

Henry St Jockey Box

2 Tap Jockey box setup


5. The full refridgerated mobile bar! - from $200

Perfect for a big party, wedding, birthday or other special occasion. This is our mobile refridgerated bar with 6 taps and you can fit up to 4x50L kegs, or 12x19L kegs (requires power). You can have multiple beers on tap and pour like a pro! Note this mobile bar is subject to availability.


Please note that before you hire a keg you will be required to complete our keg hire agreement. Download the agreement here